Spanish Program Welcome Breakfast and Information Sessions

Piedmont families are invited to the upcoming sessions with our Spanish partner, Viva El Espanol.   The sessions coincide with our Spanish class times, but families (including siblings) are welcome to come at any convenient time, and need not be participating in our program to attend.

This is an opportunity to learn more about our educational philosophy, the process of learning a second language, get to know the Viva el Espanol teachers.  Piedmont Language School board members will be on hand to update you on the World Language Review with the school district and discuss how we are working to raise awareness and support for providing all our students (K-12) the best possible language and cultural training.

Havens:  Tuesday, 10/23:
Ellen Driscoll @ 7:45 am
Boy Scout Classroom (at PCC) @ 8:50 am
Beach: Thursday, 10/25
Auditorium @ 7:45
Picnic Tables @ 8:50
Kindergarten: Thursday, 10/25:
Boy Scout Classroom (PCC) @ 10 and 12:30
Wildwood:  Tuesday, 10/30
Auditorium @ 7:45
Courtyard @ 8:50
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