PLS is encouraging community discussion about the importance of language study, how we can maximize the impact of our world language program for our students, and how, when and where language study should be happening.

One of PUSD’s main themes in its vision for “Shaping our Future” is Cultivating A Global Citizenry:  PUSD Goals + Vision.  Global citzenry includes ideas such as “Language Learning”, “Global Perspective”, and “Cultural Literacy”:  Vision Diagram

Districts across the country are innovating, following the lead of private, internationally-oriented schools: Global Learning Scales Up

Closer to home, districts like San Francisco and individual schools like Crocker Highlands are adding immersion and other language study as a core part of their K-8 school day.  K-8 Language Demand Up in Bay Area

To see a PLS summary of how our community might start thinking about a comprehensive K-12 program:  Towards a K-12 Vision for Language Learning

Here’s what PLS presented at site council and Curriculum Forum meetings in 2011-12

Tri-school Presentation

K-12 Forum Presentation

For a more complete listing of resources about why, when, and how to study languages effectively, see:

PLS Resource List 2012

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